Face Fit Testing

In compliance with UK Health and Safety regulations, we’re dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of your workforce by providing reliable and accurate face fit testing services.

In the UK, the Health and Safety regulations mandate that respiratory protective equipment (RPE) must offer sufficient protection for each individual wearer. To be effective, RPE should not leak, and one of the primary causes of leakage is an improper fit. A tight-fitting facepiece must conform to the wearer’s face to provide adequate protection.

The Fit Test serves to confirm that the facepiece is compatible with the user’s facial features and adheres optimally. The performance of RPE relies on a secure seal between the respirator facepiece and the user’s face. If the sealing edge is insufficient, contaminated air will flow along the path of least resistance and enter the facepiece, thus reducing the protection offered to the wearer.

By law, the Fit Test is obligatory and must be repeated at least once every two years, unless there are changes in the wearer’s body, such as weight fluctuations, facial surgeries, or accidents that permanently alter the head.

The HSE document INDG479 outlines the regulations governing the manner in which a fit test must be conducted in the UK, including guidance on ensuring proper RPE fit. Workplace RPE selection, fitting, maintenance, management, and supervision are covered by HSG53.

Quantitative Testing

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, accurate, and reliable quantitative face fit testing services to our clients. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your staff receives the highest standard of care and protection when using RPE. Here’s why you should choose FFT for your face fit testing needs.

Full compliance with UK Legislation: Our testing procedures strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined in HSE document INDG479 and HSG53, ensuring that your business complies with the current UK regulations for face fit testing.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of skilled professionals have extensive experience in conducting face fit tests across a wide range of industries, providing you with valuable insights and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

As an independent supplier of RPE services, we have no affiliation with any RPE manufacturer or distributor. This ensures that our primary focus is on the safety and well-being of your employees, providing unbiased and impartial advice and guidance.

The Quantitative Fit Test (QNFT) yields a measurable, objective numerical result and is applicable to any tight-fitting respirator. A device called a Portacount is used to measure leakage around the face, and the fit factor is compared to minimum fit factors to certify compliance.

Face fit testing assesses if a person’s protective mask is compatible with their face’s shape and size. Properly worn RPE can shield the user from airborne hazards such as particulates, dust, and gases. FFT, an independent RPE service provider, offers face fit testing and breathing air quality testing and consults on RPE and related legislation but is unaffiliated with any RPE manufacturer or distributor.

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