Quantitative Testing

Single Test

contact for price.

Half Day
contact for price: Up to 4 hours, max 8 tests.

Full Day
contact for price up to 8 hours, max 16 tests.

Please Note. We cannot test any ‘KN’ or ‘N’ masks or any masks with ear loops due to the number of fraudulent copies coming into the country.

Travel costs may be required depending on the location.

Before testing, the following requirements must be met:

– All test subjects must be clean-shaven
– Subjects should not have smoked for at least an hour before the test
– No eating or drinking is permitted within an hour before the test (except water a few minutes before)
– Subjects must bring necessary items for the test, such as PPE, glasses, etc.
– Face fit testing is crucial as it ensures the proper functioning of face masks. Without a face fit test, a mask may not create a seal on the face, allowing harmful substances to bypass the mask and be inhaled.
– Attending face fit testing protects wearers from hazardous materials, such as construction dust or infections. Wearing correctly fitting RPE is essential to prevent work-related illnesses

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